Syllabee Parent Empowerment

Syllabee equips parents to tutor, encourage, and advocate for their children with dyslexia or trouble reading.

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Syllabee puts you back in the driver's seat.

When you realize that your bright child isn't learning like other children, it can feel like things are spinning out of control.   Dozens of questions pile up: What does my child need?  Is my school providing enough support? What do all these vocabulary terms mean? Where do I even start?

Syllabee's eight week parent empowerment program is made for parents like you.  We've assembled a convenient eight week program that will equip you to take a more active role in your child's learning journey. By the end of this course, you will:

  • be proficient in basic structured literacy tutoring techniques
  • have the tools to create a safe and harmonious learning space at home regardless of subject
  • be able to advocate for your child within their school system
  • better understand and apply any insights you may receive from specialists
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What is our curricula like?


We've worked hard to make this simple enough anyone can do it.   Because we've also designed our curriculum with the emotional experience in mind, you and your child will be able to sidestep common emotional barriers to focus more of your energy into learning itself.

Structured Literacy

Structured literacy programs teach the rules of English phonics in a structured, interactive, multisensory way that starts simple and becomes more complex over time.  Each child receives individualized instruction so that their particular needs can be met appropriately.

Mental Representations

Simply knowing the rules isn't enough for many learners--a deeper kind of practice is needed to achieve mastery.  We guide you through the process of exercising your child's orthographic mapping and other areas of processing so that those concepts can actually sink in.

"I started out feeling pretty clueless as to how to begin to help my daughter with how exhausting reading and writing were for her, and now I feel well-equipped to continue to help her with small, manageable chunks that will get her to fluency and ease."

Anna T

"SO DOABLE! And so effective. So much gain with so little pain. Everyone feels good about it... I have already recommended Syllabee to another parent and will continue to."


"Syllabee has helped my daughter in so many aspects of her learning. Not only have her decoding skills improved, but she's learning how to recognize and manage her own fatigue levels. As a parent I'm so happy to have the tools to help my own child."

Rachel VB

"Syllabee built my confidence that I can actually help someone with dyslexia... I was impressed how easy it was to follow along and learn the various activities during the weekly class. "

Carol L

"I really appreciated the individualized attention from the instructor and the overall positivity she conveyed herself and incorporated into the teaching skills that I was learning (emphasis on intelligent praise, encouragement, creativity, etc)."

Anna T

"Completely did away with resistance in our household (as it regards reading/spelling work). Decreased my stress levels and fatigue in helping my kids with reading and spelling (in the context of "quirky" learning challenges)."


"The ease and simplicity of this program were striking to me. This is the one program my daughter has actually enjoyed doing. No more tears, that has been so nice! "

Rachel VB



time cost per week:
15 minutes independent study
30 minutes 1:1 mentor time
about 2 hours tutoring your child, divided

Flexible scheduling, personal attention. 

Start anytime!

Access to book ongoing support appointments on completion.




per individual meeting.
Includes customized materials.

For those who have completed the course but want to check in for additional guidance from time to time.

Includes a 30 minute consultation and a new set of customized printable materials.

No minimum commitments.  Just book as you need it.  Flexible scheduling.


Program Features

It's easy to question everything you're doing if you're all alone.  That's why Syllabee Parent Training includes a meeting with a specialist every week so you can observe teaching techniques, ask questions, and more!

Syllabee teaches you eight activity types that can be infinitely adapted to your child's specific needs.  Your mentor will assign you some combination and variation of these exercises each week.  By the end of the class, many parents are comfortable making their own lesson plans.

Simple and powerful techniques to make home education painless and powerful!

  1. How to actually get started
  2. Constructive feedback
  3. Fatigue and Pacing
  4. Motivation I
  5. Motivation II
  6. Big Picture Stuff
  7. Advocacy
  8. Moving Forward

If you want any more guidance or customized materials after the class is done, you can schedule individual mentoring appointments as needed.  No obligations.

Our Story 

When I first started tutoring children with dyslexia in 2010, I was amazed by the transformations learners can achieve with the right attention. However, since the traditional tutoring format has high overhead costs, I was frustrated by how much families had to pay.  So I got to thinking… why not train parents? 

 Parents interact with every aspect of their child’s life, every day and every year.   So, I teamed up with my brother to make proprietary software that generates customized materials on demand and distilled my teaching experience into an approachable, affordable eight week course.  With the support of an experienced mentor, you CAN teach your child to read--and so much more!

Katie Husmann Stevenson


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